Daily Dozen


Twelve is a standard number in many instances. The standard number of packaged eggs is twelve. The standard number for a beautiful bouquet of roses is twelve. And last but definitely not least, the standard number for a delicious box of Krispy Kreme donuts is twelve!

Well twelve is also the standard for success habits. If you recall the video I shared in my last post (Click here if you haven’t seen it yet), Ray Lewis made a very powerful statement that is worth noting:

“Greatness is a lot of small things done well, day after day…”


Leadership expert, John Maxwell, challenges people to identify and execute a daily dozen – twelve daily activities that push you one step closer to your dreams and goals every single day.

If you have goals for 2014 with no daily activity plan, you actually only have wishes for 2014. If you have a plan, but you don’t track and review the execution of your plan, you will have no progress. I strongly encourage you to narrow down your focus to twelve small and simple activities that align with your dreams and goals. Think of activities that cover the areas of spiritual growth, health and wellness, mental growth, and fun (yes, having fun should be a part of every single day).


Lastly, purchase a journal in which you can check off the completion of your daily dozen. You can also use the journal to record your daily activities (conversations, memorable moments, notes, etc) A journal is an incredible tool for accountability. And I promise you that you won’t taste victory without accountability. Before you go to bed each night, evaluate how well you did with the 86,400 seconds God blessed you with. Did you maximize it? Or did you squander it? If you did well, use the momentum of success to help you do it again the next day. If you didn’t do so hot, adjust and improve immediately.

That’s the beauty of focusing on the day. You don’t allow time to get away.

My friend, you were designed to win. My hope is that you will decide to win!

Love and blessings!

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