Look Out When You Look Back!

Lafayette HS

This photo was taken a few minutes after I finished speaking to the students of Lafayette High School in Williamsburg, VA. As you can see, the auditorium was packed, and the students and staff were fully engaged and locked in throughout the entire talk. I challenged the audience to learn from the past, lead in the present, and be legendary in the future. And while I won’t give you the entire speech, I will share a few notes from my talk regarding the past. I think it will be helpful to you or someone that you know.

Don’t lag in the past.

Unfortunately, everyone has things in their past that don’t bring warm and fuzzy feelings. Whether it’s loss, abuse, mistakes, failure, or misfortune, you have to find the lesson in the experience and leave the baggage behind. You can’t move into the new mansion with old mess. Let it go!

Don’t lean on the past.

Don’t allow yourself to be a slave to old success! Victory is exhilirating, but like milk, it has an expiration date. Don’t be the person constantly reliving your golden moments or years. Make new memories. If you’re always talking about what you used to do, it is probably an indication that it’s time to do something new!

Don’t lengthen the past.

While the thrill of victory does waver with time, true greatness is timeless! Don’t allow your appreciation for champions of past centuries and the giants of past generations to grow dim. With each passing year, we can naturally allow our sensitivity to the sacrifices and successes of historic figures to weaken. Keep your appreciation fresh, for an attitude of gratitude will help you get every ounce of inspiration, motivation, and education out of the examples that heroes of yesterday have so graciously left you.

Ultimately, you have to be deliberate, delicate, and discerning when you travel back in time. Don’t stay too long on Regret Rd. or Pain Place. Be sure to avoid Old Success St. And drive slowly through Lesson Lane, so you don’t miss anything.

Remember, you were designed to win. But you must decide to win!

Love and blessings!

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