Think Small!


In my last post, I discussed the importance of narrowing down your focus to a daily dozen – 12 daily activities that will steadily move you closer to your goals. Now we’re going to move in a little closer and dig a little deeper. We’re going to set our sights on the small stuff!

“There is a time and place for thinking big, . . . but the planning phase is the time and place for thinking small.” – Dixie Gillaspie

I’ve heard my Dad tell me countless times that the little things make all the difference, and he is absolutely right! Big success is born out of baby steps. And what I learned this week is that you can increase your success rate by shrinking the size of your tasks. Let me explain.


Pictured above is a photo of two liquid containers. The clear container on the right is one of my regular water bottles (one of my daily dozen is hydration. My goal is to drink 0.5 oz of water per pound of my body weight everyday). On this particular day, I took a natural energy drink to work with me instead of my normal bottle. Upon finishing the drink, I refilled the can with water.

I could finish the full 8.4 oz can in just a few swigs. And let me tell you something – there is power in completion! I gained more momentum and positive energy with each empty can. The larger bottle doesn’t give me nearly as many opportunities to finish it, which makes the task seem much harder. Although I ultimately drank the same amount with both containers, I found that using the small can was noticeably easier for me. And I know that this dynamic is applicable in other areas, with other tasks.

So I challenge you to reevaluate your daily activities. Is there something you can break down into a smaller task? Is there a goal that you can divide into smaller chunks? I think you’ll be pleasantly surprised like I was if you apply this “little” principle.

Remember, you were designed to win. But you must decide to win!

Love and blessings!

8 thoughts on “Think Small!

  1. Yo dawg, you take the most random examples and make things so clear and sensible with them. You’re super nice with the thought flow son lol. Appreciate the advice as always.
    Much love, Trev

  2. Thanks for the insight. As I was reading, I couldn’t help but reflect on my decision to divide the move to my new house (yeah)! into small moves at a time, so the task would not be too overwhelming. I tell you, God works in such mysterious ways to bring ANYTHING together. Glory to Him! (and, thank you for following His guidance).


  3. Great message B, really got me thinking, breaking down my goals into smaller phases will help motivate me because I will start to see the progress I’ve made!! Thanks bro..

  4. Great message Brandon
    I was just telling my co-worker last week that I was going to slow down my intake of new information.
    It’s amazing how The Lord confirms your thoughts!

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