Your Kentucky Derby

I’m not a horse racing fan in the least, but I am a huge fan of winning! I recently listened to a story about a horse named Mine That Bird, and I feel compelled to share it with you. It is a story that will give you hope. It is a story that will give you inspiration. It is a story that will prove to you that you can truly make the rest of your life the best of your life!

Since 1975, the average cost of a Kentucky Derby Winner purchased at a public auction is $300,000. To play in the big leagues of horse racing, you must pay big. But Mine That Bird wasn’t a six figure horse. He was purchased at a public auction for $9,500. In a world of Bentleys and Ferraris, he was a Chevette or Ford Escort.


Mine That Bird’s journey to the Derby started in New Mexico. Hooked up to a hitch pulled by his trainer’s pick up truck, he trekked some 1,700 miles to get to Churchill Downs. Coming into the Derby, one of the Triple Crown events in Horse Racing (it’s like the Super Bowl, World Series, and NBA Finals for Horse Racing), Mine That Bird had never won a race in the United States. A 50-1 longshot, Mine That Bird was below the radar in every way. In fact, after the gates opened to start the race, Mine That Bird was dead last all the way to the final turn.


But oh how fast the tables turn! In one of the most impressive finishes in racing history, Mine That Bird kicked into a gear that no other big money horse on that track possessed. He literally ran away from the pack in the final stretch, winning the Derby almost 20 yards in front of the next closest thoroughbred.


Your start is really not the most important part of YOUR story. Your past does not predict YOUR future. Privilege can’t outmatch passion. Dollars can’t overshadow drive, discipline, and determination. And lastly, no matter how far back you feel your are in the race for your Kentucky Derby — YOUR dream — you can still win! So kick it into gear!

Let me hear from you!

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