Dare to Dream!

Are you where you want to be? Why not? Do you think you should have been there long ago? What is holding you back?  What has you paralyzed? Do you have a magnificent goal or dream that has you intimidated into thinking it is impossible? Perhaps you feel  you are not worthy of it.

What are you focused on? The enormity of the task? It’s complexity? The sheer un-do-able-ness of it? The fact that no one has ever done it? Is everyone telling you that the reason no one has ever done it because it can’t be done?

I know how that feels. I do.

Be assured, however, that the big beautiful dream is not there to frustrate or intimidate you. It is there to inspire you, to energize you, to draw you to it – to do it and get it DONE.

What do you do when you are held back by doubt and despair? What do you do when you are faced with the impossible task, the insurmountable problem, the unreachable goal?

Dream Big.

Think small.

Then do it.

You will win BIG.


The words above are those of Chad Hymas, a quadriplegic who now has truly turned lemons into lemonade. Injured in a very bad farming accident, his life changing injury became his catalyst to change lives. His daily challenges put my measly struggles to shame (probably yours too!). Yet he is an amazing example of what can happen when your attitude is right, and you understand that the mind can MAKE the body (even one that doesn’t work from the chest down) do the impossible. Break down the process – think small. One step; one task; one call; one note; one application; one page; one day at a time. YOU CAN DO THAT! And that is all it takes. Just one little thing done everyday will help turn your dream into reality.

So don’t worry about to tomorrow.

Just WIN today!

P.S. I would strongly encourage you to check out Chad’s book, Doing What Must Be Done. 


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