The Greatest Miracle in the World!

I am going to challenge you to do something for me. I realize that we are all busy, but this is very important.

As I spent some quiet time this morning in prayer, the lingering thought on my heart was my child that is rapidly developing in my wife’s precious tummy. God then dropped the following book in my spirit: The Greatest Miracle in the World. Some of you may be familiar with it. Some of you may have never heard of it. Whether or not you’re familiar with it doesn’t matter at this point; my challenge is the same for both groups. I implore you to take 15 measly minutes to listen to the video that I have attached to this post. Og Mandino, the author of The Greatest Miracle is undoubtedly my favorite author. I’ll share some more of his material as we continue our journey together. But today I felt compelled to share this excerpt with you. It’s an audio reading of the incredible climax of the book. At some point, I would strongly encourage you to read this entire book. But for now, I don’t want to let another day pass without getting this messsage to you.

I know we live in an age where most people won’t stop for 15 minutes to do anything. We’re so BUSY that we don’t have time to think, reflect, meditate, pray, read, and refresh our minds, bodies, and spirits. We zoom through our days, oftentimes filling our heads with a bunch of stuff that is simply not that important. Do me a huge favor; give me 15 minutes. If you need to save this message and reopen it tonight after everyone has gone to bed, do it. If you need to wake up a few minutes early tomorrow, do it. I want you to internalize the message that is conveyed in this excerpt.  Trust me, this message is way more important than any email you’ll get at work today. It trumps anything you’ll see on “reality” TV or your favorite show or sitcom. And it is supreme to any stat or highlight you’ll watch or read about on ESPN or the sports page.

I believe that every person alive needs to hear this message. So after you’ve listened, please pass it on, starting with your own family.

Your friend,

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