The Silent Killer


“Perhaps once in a hundred years a person may be ruined by excessive praise, but surely once every minute someone dies inside for lack of it.” – Cecil G. Osborne

Disease and illnesses are spreading throughout the world at what seem to be uncontrollable rates. Most videos that go “viral” do little to better people. The reality is most things that infect humanity at a rapid pace are destructive. And we often feel helpless because it seems that there is no way to slow down the pace of the problem.

But what if we turned the tables? What if we harnessed the incredible power and potential of an epidemic for good? What if love went viral? What if praise and encouragement spread uncontrollably?

While we can do little stop a viral movement, we possess the ability to START one! Will you join me in giving at least three sincere compliments each day? It doesn’t have to be profound. It can be a simple as complimenting someone on something they are wearing or service you receive in a store. The only requirement is to be sincere.

Don’t underestimate the power of one simple act. Every BIG thing started from just ONE thing.






Let me hear from you!

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