How Bad Do YOU Want It?

Another gem from my mentor for inspiration and mentality, Eric Thomas.

In this video,  he challenges us with two critical questions:

How bad do you want it?

What would your life look like if you didn’t count the cost?

You see, there comes a point in life where we have to ask ourselves tough questions like those Mr. Thomas poses.

As I said in my last post, you have to come to terms with who you are and where you are.

Is your commitment to your dream or calling just lip service?

Are you really giving God, your family, your company, and yourself YOUR best?

The fact is only YOU know the answer to this question.

And until you’re willing to give your all, you won’t achieve anything.

That’s how the math works in the world of dreams.

It’s all or nothing. There is no partial credit.  And there are no negotiations.

So imagine that starting today, you truly gave life your absolute best.

You acted when you really didn’t feel like it.

You pushed past discomfort.

You got up a little earlier.

You cut back on some T.V.

You let go of some bad habits.

You buried the words NO and CAN’T.

You turned up your intensity.

You truly put your whole self in.

You COMMITTED to do whatever it takes.

Well, don’t imagine any longer; today is the day for you to answer the questions.




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