Special Delivery

As I told you in the initial letter, my goal with this newsletter is to help you live BIG. We are going to play this game of life, and we’re going to play to win! One thing that we must commit to do daily is feed ourselves the fuel of champions. The reality is your car will never go anywhere without gas. And your body, which is much more important and powerful, won’t leave the station either without the right “gas.” And for you comedians reading this post, I’m not talking about “that” gas! 🙂

We must make the deliberate move to fuel our bodies with inspiration. Inspiration is the oxygen of excellence. It is the life source of champions. It is the bedrock of momentum. We must inspire ourselves DAILY to be our best! I will do my best to share with you some things that inspire me, but I would challenge you to seek out your own inspiration too. The key word is SEEK.

Be hungry for inspiration. Be thirsty for information that can help you move forward today. Be aggressive in the pursuit of your full potential. And one of the simplest and most effective ways to stay on course and on pace is to study those who have done, or are doing, what you aspire to do and be.

I’m reading about one such person right now. His name is Chad Hymas. Involved in a very unfortunate farming accident, Chad was crushed by a one ton bale of hay that left him paralyzed from the chest down. To be honest, I haven’t even finished the book, but I wanted to share one thought that already had me pondering:

“Every waking, breathing moment, we should live our message.”

Many would probably glide right over that sentence, but for some reason that statement stopped me. It rang in my ears. I felt something when my eyes scanned those words. Let me be more specific. I felt inspired!

Do YOU know that your life is supposed to be an inspiration to at least one person? Do YOU realize that you were designed with an incredible story that should be told? Do you realize that YOU were created with a message that is supposed to be delivered?

Sadly, many of us have meandered through life as if we’re a mouse. We’ve tip-toed through our days trying not to make noise. We have turned the volume down our lives so no one can hear the message that we carry. Some of us have tried to change the playlist, replacing the message of hope, encouragement, and love that you were born with to a message of doubt, bitterness, and hatred of self and others. Many of us have accepted the wrong messages of others that tell us that we don’t matter, we’re nothing special, we’re stupid, we’re worthless, yada, yada, yada.

I challenge YOU to listen to the message that is playing in your heart and mind TODAY. Is it a message of inspiration? Or is it a message of excuses, complaining, and cynicism? If I were to write a book about your life up to this point, what message what I take away from your story? Only YOU know the answer to that.

Final thought: If the message would not inspire me or others, CHANGE. You were designed to INSPIRE. Yes, YOU! If the message is inspiration, turn up the volume! Don’t be bashful. Someone needs to hear your message, and they might not be able to hear your whisper.

Don’t just play with life. Play to win!

Win the day!


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