Marketing to Win

One of my mentors, John Maxwell, shared some great insight on marketing in this video. In an age where we seem to try to glamorize and dramatize everything, we must be careful not to fall into the trap of masking reality. Dressing up a problem still leaves a problem. Spraying cologne over body odor does not address the root of the issue.  In the same light, flashy marketing of a mediocre or poor product or service leaves a customer feeling disappointed at best.

Focus on becoming EXCELLENT at helping people fix a  problem, fill a gap, or ease a pain. Try to become so good at serving people that it becomes impossible for your advertising to display how good you truly are. Let your service, your smile, your style, your compassion, your integrity, your focus, and your character be the biggest component of your marketing strategy. When you do, people will market for you. And that is the greatest marketing you could ever get.

Choose to be excellent in whatever you do,  and success will find you.  Favor falls on those who faithfully commit themselves to the fight of daily improvement.

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