A Rise in Enterprise!

I found this quote on the website of CG International, an entrepreneurship development company like us! This is why I am so passionate about advocating and promoting ownership and free enterprise. It can totally change the game!

Entrepreneurship is a viable and sustainable development tool to foster poverty alleviation, gender and racial equity, the redistribution and creation of wealth, and economic empowerment opportunities.

Entrepreneurship is a worldwide, cross-cultural phenomenon. Our experience has taught us that, if given the tools to do better for themselves, their families, and their communities, people everywhere can and will use entrepreneurship to take control of their economic lives. As the members of a community grow stronger, so does the community itself. Entrepreneurship helps to develop leaders and doers – the essence of vibrant and prosperous communities.

This company gets it! I applaud them for developing a comprehensive strategy that helps people all over the world integrate free enterprise into the very fabric of their community, city, state, and country. Check them out if you get a chance at www.cginternational.org. We’re in the fight with you!


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